Metal Tabletop

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These weighing scales are suitable for articles, cartons, bags, parcels, containers etc. Capacities available are 10Kg, 20Kg and 30 Kg.

VIK10H 10kg 500mg. 220X280mm
VIK10 10kg 1gm. 240X300mm
VIK20 20kg 2gm. 240X300mm
VIK30H 30kg 1gm. 240X300mm
VIK30 30kg 2gm. 240X300mm
VIK30L 30kg 5gm. 240X300mm
Triple Accuracy
VIK30T 30kg 10/1, 20/2, 30/5gm. 240X300mm


  • Weight & measurement approved
  • Rugged & reliable design
  • Stainless steel platter of high quality
  • Advanced microprocessor based design
  • Fast weighing response time
  • Internal ADC-count of 2,50,000
  • A/C Power supply operating between 90VAC to 270VAC
  • Battery backup for 25 hrs
  • Auto power off
  • Simple & easy operation with feather touch keys
  • High brightness LED display
  • Sealed to prevent rodent entry


  • RS-232C serial interface
  • connectivity to PC

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