Crane Scale

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This model is Ideally suitable for All big and heavy Industries, Paper mills, Flour mills, Rice mills, Cement Ship yard, Rolling mills, Textiles, Container yard, Steel plant, etc.

SATC50 50kg 10gm
SATC100 100kg 20gm
SATC200 200kg 50gm
SATC500 500kg 100gm
SATC1000 1000kg 200gm
SATC2000 2000kg 500gm
SATC5000 5000kg 1kg
SATC1000 10000kg 2kg


  • High Accuracy S type load cell
  • Advanced Microprocessor based design.
  • High Brightness LED
  • Rechargeable battery backup for 6 Hrs.
  • Alarm for overload
  • Solid & Reliable Design
  • Fast weighing response time
  • Standard EOT Crane hook.
  • Zero & Tare controls.

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